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Powered by the highest level of technology, LoyalMark has a proven track record of helping golf courses set up and manage successful loyalty programs. Our loyalty program software allows you to capture, manage, analyze, and reward customer behavior with ease. Provide added value and recognition to your best customers while reducing the cost of mass marketing with LoyalMark’s loyalty program solutions.

Customers Rewarded

Identify, grow, and retain your course's customer base with LoyalMark’s comprehensive set of loyalty marketing tools. We’re leaders in the loyalty marketing sector for one simple reason: we help our clients achieve measurable results. Our loyalty program software enables golf course owners to analyze customer behavior more effectively, so they can make more intelligent marketing decisions and reduce promotional costs.

A little about LoyalMark

Reward Your Best Customers with a Golfer Loyalty Program

Are you having difficulty developing a loyal customer base at your golf course? Consider implementing a golfer loyalty program to reward your best customers and generate repeat business. With the help of our golfer loyalty program software, you can implement a variety of creative marketing strategies that attract loyal customers.

Rather than spending all of your marketing dollars trying to appeal to new customers, try to focus on retaining your existing ones. According to a study by Bain and Company, a 5% increase in customer retention yields a profit increase of anywhere from 25 to 100%. By targeting people who already support your golf club in your marketing, you can encourage brand loyalty, generate word-of-mouth publicity, and significantly boost your bottom line.

Many golf courses make the mistake of offering discounts to attract new clientele, but discounts typically bring in customers who only have one goal in mind: to get the lowest price possible. To do away with penny-pinchers and attract loyal, regular customers, show people that you appreciate their patronage by setting up a golfer loyalty program with LoyalMark. Members of your golfer loyalty program will feel like they’re part of an exclusive club with special privileges and thus visit your golf course more often.

LoyalMark’s software for golfer loyalty programs is easy to use and implement. Our software provides a wealth of data about your customers’ purchase behavior, enabling you to fine-tune your promotional efforts. Contact us today to find out how to attract loyal, regular patrons and boost your revenues and profits with a golfer loyalty program.